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About Us

Have you ever just looked around and realized what you are doing in life is just not enough?

You sit at your job and think... I would rather be having fun!! You're restless and need to move around?

I do each and every day I am at my job. I realized that I do not want to work this '9-5' and then retire regretting letting my life pass me by. 

So... what did I do?  I started this company. I am a person that does not like to be told what to do or how to live my life. You know the saying "Girls just want to have fun!!" So I decided to create my brand around the untamable people in the world. The ones that will rock out, jump off a cliff, sky dive, or anything else that gives you that rush!!


We are Untamable!! We are UNTAMED 'TIL DEATH!!! 

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